State Senator Wants Gambling Law Changed in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania has come along on the way to gambling freedom. There is not much lawmakers can do at this point to stop gambling in the state. they can, however, make changes to the current laws.

That is the goal of state Senator Jeffrey Piccola. He has called for changes to the states gambling laws Tuesday. His hope is that there will be changes that will ensure the state has the proper control over the gambling industry.

Currently, the state gaming board is comprised of seven members. Four of those seven are appointed by legislative caucus leaders. the other three are appointed by the governor. Piccola has proposed that the board consist of only five members, all of whom are picked by the Governor.

The other major change he is proposing is to transfer the Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement, from the Gaming Control Board, to the office of the Attorney General.

“Evidence casino people are not suitable for licensure should come from a federally recognized criminal justice agency, not a bureau housed within the gaming board,” said Piccola.

Piccola delivered his recommendations  verschiedenen spielautomaten during the keynote address at the Pennsylvania Gaming Congress and Mid Atlantic Racing Forum.