Following the recent trend in partnership between gambling operators and English football clubs, two Cypriot brothers Halil and HusnuFalyali are reported to be planning to buy Fulham Football Club. The businessmen, who hold an online gambling company, a land based hotel casino and a construction in their native Cyprus, are ready to give about GBP100 million in order to complete the deal.

According to, at the moment the club is owned by Mohammed Al Fayed, with the brothers claiming they have already discussed the takeover bid with him and with the financial director of the club. However, representatives of the club deny current reports on the agreement.

Nevertheless, some resources state that the deal is still under discussion and Falyali keep bidding for Fulham despite new GBP110 million price offered by Al Fayed (the initial offer was GBP85 million). So far, the partners decided to stop their negotiation in order to escape the media attention.

Some other UK football clubs, who announced their takeover bids with gambling industry, are reported to be Leeds United, Newcastle United, Glasgow Rangers, West Ham, Sheffield United, Coventry, Gillingham and League One’s Hull City. These agreements are expected to boost sports industry as well as to diversify gambling activity.

“Football generally cannot support football, and certainly at our level it cannot support itself,” Gillingham chairman Paul Scally commented on the financial position of many football clubs, which now develops new resources of income. Many clubs already promote online casinos on their websites.

Victor Chandler appears with new brand

Gambling operator Victor Chandler has recently announced its decision to adopt a new brand identity. The company has created a new ‘going forward’ image with a new vivid white logo on black background. This image is designed to symbolize the union of all the business directions – such as vcbet, vcpoker, vccasino and vcgames – into one single corporate identity.

Alan Randall, group marketing director was cited by as saying “Our vision is simple — to be the place where people come for excitement. The brand is the vehicle by which we will deliver our vision, and it’s a brand that’s elegant and sophisticated and confident, in line with our customers’ expectations. It’s a brand that’s friendly and personal.”

The new image of Victor Chandler was a result of its rapid development as the company has become an authoritative gambling giant over the last few decades, starting as a small family run business.

“This new branding will help us to punch to our full weight, and to build on our position as the leading independent operator in an increasingly cluttered marketplace,” commented Alan Randall.


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