The major difference between the American wheel and the European is that the American, standard in practically all casinos in Nevada and Atlantic City, has two zeros, while the European has one.

This difference changes the game radically in terms of casino advantage. When two zeros are used, the casino edge is 5.26 percent on nearly all bets. When one zero is used, the house advantage drops by almost half, to 2.70 percent.

In some Nevada casinos a single-zero roulette wheel may be found, but I’ve never heard of a European wheel that has two zeros.

The American wheel is rather a simple affair, just a wheel and a relatively small layout showing all the possible bets and numbers, printed in English. It is usually staffed by one dealer, who spins the wheel, collects all losing bets, pays off winning wagers, and handles the changing of cash into chips.

When the game gets crowded, sometimes another dealer is called to the table to assist the original one, but this occurs infrequently. Even at a crowded and busy table, one dealer can handle all the action.

The American game is played by hand. Change is given in socks of chips shoved by the dealer to the player. If a player wins, he is paid with stacks of chips delivered or pushed by hand. The dealer wipes off the table by hand, gathering in the losing chips with both hands and quickly stacking them up according to color.

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