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It is becoming increasingly obvious in the US that lawmakers are deciding enough is enough with cigarette smoking that could harm other people. South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds became the latest lawmakers to sign a smoking ban in public places into law.

Earlier in the day CGW reported that Michigan lawmakers were in the process of discussing a possible law that would ban smoking in all indoor public places. It is not known yet whether casinos will be exempt from that ban.

In South Dakota, casinos were not spared. They will have to abide by the same laws that restaurants, bars, and other indoor public establishments will have. The governor and other lawmakers were not concerned for lost revenue, they were focused on saving lives.

“I think it’s a big day for South Dakota,” said Jennifer Stalley, an official of the American Cancer Society, from Pierre, “In the long run I think we’re going to save a lot of lives, a lot of money.”

The news was not met with as much enthusiasm from business owners. The company line across the US when it comes to smoking bans is that it will take away from business. That has not been the case in many of the states that have already banned smoking in public places.

In Michigan, over 3,000 people died last year thanks to secondhand smoke. The figures are similar in other states, and it appears that lawmakers are fed up with losing lives because of the negligence of other people.

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