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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is trying his best to have casinos in three locations within the State, and at the same time wants to send everyday poker players to the pokie for playing online.

There is no clear rational for this action to be implemented. Clearly, the government is not anti-gambling, nor is the governor. There are plans to increase sales of the State Lottery by installing outlets in well travelled retail outlets such as The Home Depot, CVS, and even Dunkin’ Donuts.

A spokesman for the State Lottery has said, “These are very successful businesses and we would like to partner with them. The more agents we have, the more tickets we can sell.”

Under Patrick’s proposal, anyone gambling over the Internet by engaging in an online poker game, if caught, would be subject to up to 2 years in prison and $25,000 in fines.

There appears to be a lot of money being thrown around in the Massachusetts to allow casino gambling and to increase lottery sales, it is suggested that those same donors are behind the push to criminalize online gambling. Protectionism seems to be the new mode of the United States and it’s local and State governments.

“The time has come for Americans to decide what it is they want. The time has come for Americans to become vocal on these hypocrisies that are permeating within this country,” said Casino Gambling Web analyst Gordon Price.

“There is no legitimate reason for any state that allow any form of gambling to deny citizens of the right to gamble online. There is no logical justification for banning it in those states,” Price said.

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